Relation to own Practice

  • In regards to my own practice, both past and upcoming I found the I could draw from both the Body on Edge section, and also a little from the hysteria section of the module.
  • Although my work inst to the point where I am pushing my body fully to the edge, I have done a number of performance pieces that did involve alterations to my own body but with the use of prosthetic make up. faceeee2


  • In the summer work from this year I did particularly focus on the bloody gorey imagery that is associated with a lot of body art.
  • I like drawing people in with my work and make people question if it is real or not.
  • Conceptually wise, this year I’ve been focusing on this idea of Assault and putting an emotional feeling into a literal form. I think this is where hysteria has helped my work.
  • The disease was seen as an invisible one that mimicked symptoms of other diseases. and it was focused on females in particular, and sort of oppressing them. DSC_0015.JPG


  • Further more, a hysterical patient has this belief that they are a vessel in the material world and in order to stay pure must detach themselves from their sexual experiences.
  • I think, in a strange sort of way, what I was looking at was this, but in regards to a person who had experienced an assault. maybe they ended up feeling like an empty vessel.
  • I think these two aspects of the module has definitely given me a better insight as to how to develop my work moving into the further projects.

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