Post Humanism and video games

  • I was thinking about this idea of transhumanism and a number of video games came to mind.
  • Whilst this may not be directly an artist, I find them quite informative and influential on the concept of post human.
  • There are games going back right to the 80’s which feature human characters that have some kind of scientific enhancement done to them. Such as Bionic commando, the main character, Ladd Spencer, has a mechanical arm.
  • This may be a trivial way of looking at it, but arguably would transhumanism even be a thought without this fantasy related imagery?
  • In more modern times, there are more games that look into the dystopian side of messing with nature and science such as Bioshock. In addition to the iconic artwork featured in the games, it focuses on how things can go to far and can actually be damaging. the game is about a scientist who starts adding beneficial enhancements to people, and how these people are better than ‘normal’ humans and try to convince them to get the enhancements, and is they don’t they sell them to the doctor to further develop their own. As a consequence, he develops a god complex.
  • Of course, this is a long way off, but with artists such as Stelarc and Neil Harbisson, who has a working antenna in his head, it is becoming a possibility of transcending humanity.
  • The futuristic style of these games must’ve had an influence on the artists who decided to use science to enhance their bodies, and I’m sure will continue to influence both that, and other forms of art, with digital art becoming an ever growing medium.

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