Mira Dancy

  • Like many modern feminist artists, Dancy challenges the idea of the male gaze.
  • The male gaze is the idea of what a woman should be and how they should look ect, but women have been challenging that forever. Stating that feminity is a performance as so not to threaten the men.
  • It is something that shaped artwork of the pre-modernist times where art was male dominated, and they constantly represented women in their image.
  • Now, more female artists are emerging with their ideas of what women really look like.
  • I love this piece by Dancy because I feel like the use of such bright neon medium is literally forcing people to look at it. Its drawing anyone who enters its space to concentrate on it.
  • There is also this use of curvy lines that i find interesting, there isn’t a single straight line in the work.

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