Linder Sterling

  • The art of being looked at.
  • Photographer/collageist
  • Sterling plays this exception that used to (and still sort of is) around how women should behave and also the idea of male fantasies.
  • Taking pornographic images and applying them to scenes like in the kitchen or on a washing machine definitely adds a humerus aspect to the work.
  • I think that its an interesting format to portray this objectification of women, is the humor required to make it easier for men to look at the work without focusing purely on the pornographic image?
  • This idea of a mask is further portrayed by physically covering parts of or sometimes all of her work with things culturally associated with how a women should be, like photogenic lips or certain equipment.  The face always seems to be distorted in some form.
  • It’s interesting to think that these ideas might be forced upon the women because otherwise they might be considered mentally unstable if they were to express anything else, maybe this is where the humor comes into view?

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