Adrian Piper

  • Performance/pencil artist
  • looks at racism, identity and gender
  • “The Mythic Being” (1973)
  • This particular piece looks at the expectation of how certain genders should act. In the drag, Piper is able to talk to women and behave how a man would in a somewhat derogatory way without any backlash.
  • In regards to the colonionalised body, the artists addresses the other in relation to herself. This want to be able to detach herself from what has been given her and what she wants to be able to do.
  • She also addresses intersectionality with a shared oppression and discrimination.
  • I think that her work was successful because at the time, drag was hardly thought of as even being a possibility, it was shunned. Arguably it might not have as much of an impact in today art world, because the issue has more voice around it. However that doesn’t mean the discrimination doesn’t exist.




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